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Missions reports

1. Evaluation of Poverty Reduction Policies in Mongolia (Sept 2005)
Conducted a terminal evaluation of the UNDP/Sida-funded project in Mongolia titled Poverty Research and Employment Facilitation for Policy Development, assisted by two other consultants.  

See Report    a

2. Iran Programme Review: Second CCF 2000-2004 (July 2003)
Conducted a full review of the UNDP Second Country Cooperation Framework for the Islamic Republic of Iran, assisted by a national consultant. The second CCF covers the period 2000-2004 and was in its third year.   

See Report    a

3. Operations of the Transition Recovery Unit, BCPR/UNDP (March 2003)
Conducted a review of the work of the Transition Recovery Unit of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, UNDP, and made recommendations for its future operations. In this context, during a field mission to Nepal, prepared an outline of an emergency programme at the village level, in support of the truce concluded between the government and the Maoist insurgents.   

See Report    a

4. Community mobilization – the UNDP experience in Afghanistan (April 2002)
At UNDP’s request prepared a synthesis report on the UNDP experience over a period of 10 years in supporting local communities at the village and sub-district level.   

See Report    a

5. Finalization of RRR Framework in Sri Lanka (Sept 2001/April 2002)
At the request of the Government of Sri Lanka, prepared – and subsequently revised - a final version of the National Framework for Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation, synthesizing and supplementing the work of three working groups which had spent 18 months to produce comprehensive recommendations to advance the peace process in Sri Lanka.    

See Report    a

6. Review of effectiveness of UN field reforms (May/June 2001)
On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden, led a mission to Ethiopia and Cambodia to assess the effectiveness of UN field reforms enacted in 1997 and in particular the role played by CAA and UNDAF in harmonizing development operations at the country level.  

See Report    a

7. Evaluation of the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative (UNDP) in Afghanistan (August 1999)
Led UNDP-sponsored mission to evaluate the UNDP programme in Afghanistan, carried out by UNOPS, FAO and UNCHS (Habitat), and known as the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative.   

See Report

8 Evaluation of Sida/UNDP Programme in Guatemala (March 1999)
Led monitoring mission, on behalf of Sida, to evaluate the progress of its support to the UNDP Programme for the Reform and Strengthening of the Guatemalan State within the framework of the Peace Accords.

See Reports    a

9. UN Response to the Hurricane Disaster in Central America (January 1999)
Member, as outside consultant, of a United Nations inter-agency team to evaluate UN system response, in the areas of relief and rehabilitation, to the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch in Central America.

See Report    a

10. Capacity Assessment of the Mines Advisory Group (May 1998)
Led mission, on behalf of Sida, to report on the demining policies and operational capacity of the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), including a study of its operations in Laos and Cambodia.

11. UN Needs Assessment Mission to Abkhazia, Georgia (February/March 1998)
Led a multi-bilateral needs assessment mission to Abkhazia, Georgia, consisting of 22 specialists from four UN organizations, the World Bank and five bilateral agencies, fielded in the context of a peace initiative taken by the Georgia/Abkhazia Coordinating Council.

See Report    a

12. Consultant to Group of UNCDF Donors (November 1997)
Prepared the Terms of Reference for an in-depth evaluation of the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), commissioned by a group of donors following enactment of the Fund’s new policies.

See Report     a

13. Assessment of OAS Demining Programme in Central America (June 1997)
Led Sida-sponsored mission to report on the mine clearance programme run by the Organization of American States (OAS) in Central America, with particular reference to OAS’ request for additional funding for its operations in Guatemala.

14. Status of Demining Programme in Mozambique (May-June 1996)
Led mission, on behalf of Sida, to evaluate the progress of the Mozambican mine clearance programme and to propose possible uses of Sida resources for purposes consistent with its revised cooperation policies in the country.


15. Working for Solutions to Crisis: The Development Response (March 1996)
At the request of the Emergency Response Division (ERD) of UNDP, compiled a compendium of UNDP field activities in crisis countries, later published in pamphlet form and entitled “Building Bridges between Relief and Development”.

See Reports a

16. Evaluation of the UNDP-sponsored Demining Programme in Cambodia (Nov. 1995)
Represented Sida in a multi-donor evaluation of the Cambodian mine clearance programme and of the capacity of the national institutions concerned.

17. Successor Arrangements for PRODERE in Central America (June 1995)
At the request of UNOPS, reviewed the potential for giving new impetus to locally-based sustainable human development at the conclusion of the large Italy-financed programme for repatriated refugees and IDPs in the countries of Central America.

18. Evaluation of Swedish emergency aid to Cambodia (1994-95)
Headed a five-member evaluation team, commissioned by SIDA to assess Swedish emergency aid to Cambodia during the period 1989-94. The report was subsequently published in the Sida Evaluation Report Series under the title “Facing a Complex Emergency”.

See Report (in Swedish)




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