<i> Pictures included in my memoir      
Bilder som ingår i min memoar  <i>As last addition to the family after siblings Astrid, Karl-Gustav and Stig</i> <i>At four-with elder brother Stig </i> <i>Typical kopje landscape near Mnene - Zimbabwe Rhodesia </i> <i>At the students union<br>As master of ceremonies and masquerade organiser </i> <i>Student friends performing a burlesque at the students union in1974</i> <i>  In Venice touring the Mediterranean with Ingvar Thurin</i> <i>I told her how I had felt her gaze on me! Barbara and I get married in 1962</i> <i>Our daughters Kabi and Heidi swimming in Lake Bunn</i> <i>My parents Gustav and Elisabeth with the grandchildren</i> <i>Kabi and Heidi on the knees of ex-king Leopold of Belgium</i> <i>Scubadiving in San Salvador</i> <i>Our abode on Ithaca.</i> <i>At the foot of the rainbow</i> <i>Halcyon evening</i> <i>Mosaic of Ulysses mesmerized by sirenes</i>
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